50 IMask Surgical Level 2 Respirator Comfortable Fit and Disposable 3 Layer Protection

50 IMask Surgical Level 2 Respirator Comfortable Fit and Disposable 3 Layer Protection - Shirt King Shop

50 IMask Surgical Level 2 Respirator Comfortable Fit and Disposable 3 Layer Protection

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50 Disposable Surgical mask: Mask  Respirator 

Types of Masks:


Surgical masks

Also called medical masks are the simplest. They provide a barrier that prevents the transmission of an infectious agent between healthcare personnel and the patient, to control the spread of respiratory drops. It prevents an infected person from infecting another person.


Filter masks called FFP Filtering Facial Parts (FFP2 and FFP3) or self-filtering respirators or masks

They prevent the passage of particles larger than 0.6 microns and, therefore, prevent virions (including SARS-CoV2) and bacteria that cause airborne diseases from penetrating. They are considered individual protective equipment (PPE), and are used in the healthcare environment.


The FFP1, without an exhalation valve and with minimal filtration, do not protect the wearer, but they do prevent contagion.


FFP2 and FFP3 protect the user from exposure to contaminants during aerosol-generating procedures. They may or may not have exhalation valves. Those that do not have valves that protect the person who uses them and limit the spread of the virus, while those that have valves protect those who wear them, but do not limit their spread because they do not prevent the release of exhaled respiratory particles from the user to the environment.


The FFP2 have a filtering capacity of 92% of the particles in the air and are intended for personnel who access rooms in respiratory isolation, emergency personnel and consultations for patients at high risk of airborne diseases and laboratories where they work. with a biosafety level of level 2.


FFP3 are the superior protection ones with a filtration capacity of 98% of air particles and are intended for healthcare personnel in contact with procedures that can generate aerosols such as endotracheal intubation, bronchoscopy, bronchoalveolar lavage, manual ventilation, etc.

types of masks

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